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Marty Vielma is a Certified Master Dog Trainer and has obtained many Dog Trainer Certifications in different philosophies and methods in dog training. His expertise is in dog scent detection and dog criminal apprehension training that covers all. 

His previous law enforcement and security background allowed him to be one step ahead in case law and knows the necessary requirements and expectations of today's police K9s and officers. 

He has helped a number of departments either purchase new K9s, problem solve with existing K9s or provide the necessary training for officers to become better/more professional handlers and increase their success rate.  With Marty's extensive experience in the field, he can evaluate a department's K9 unit and either make recommendations or provide training programs to keep K9s and their current officers at the highest level of professionalism.

Image by Anton Darius

School Searches 

CIA offers school detection and deterrent programs.

​Our direction teams are able to be scheduled for service on an annual basis or individual K9 Call Outs at your convenience.


Image by Anton Darius

Law Enforcement 

CIA offers courses that are specifically designed to develop and maintain a successful K9/Officer Team. Whether you are looking for some troubleshooting or need to send officers through a full training course, CIA is your "one-stop-shop".

Image by Anton Darius

Canine Sales 

CIA can provide K9s for professional groups that need single or dual purpose K9s.

Dogs we sell: 

  • Green single purpose 

  • Single purpose (5 scents) detection dogs

  • Dual purpose dogs

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