We are primary a training facility; but we do provide boarding for new clients as well!

If you are a new client, it is important to note that training clients do have priority boarding, therefore, full payment at the time of reservation is required. 

Boarding Add On's: 

  • K9 Fit "The Energy Drainer" which is our guided exercise program at a discounted daily rate for boarding.

  • Bath

  • Nail Trim

  • Extra snacks  

For Existing B+T Clients: 

  • Saturday Group Class Training fee with a trainer while they're boarding is available 

  • Day Training Refresher Training while boarding 

Drop off/Pick up times 



Drop off: 4pm-6pm

Pick up: 9am-11am

*If K9 Fit is added for D/O they can get dropped off from 8am-9am

*If K9 Fit is added for P/U they can get picked up from 4pm-6pm