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  • What do I need to enroll my dog?
    For all of our services, we do required for the client to fill out a registration form, send proof of up-to-date vaccines and a picture of your dog. Dog MUST be on a flea and thick preventative. *Check our "New Client" tab to download the registration form.
  • Where can I find the registration form?
    Check our "New Client" tab and download it! Or you can request the form via phone/text/email and we will email it to you!
  • I have all the documents ready, where should I send it?"
    You can email it to us or check our "Ne Client" tab and upload it.
  • What is a free assessment?
    You come with your dog/s and a certified trainer will evaluate your dog. The trainer will guide you in choosing the best training program that best adapt to your and your dog's needs. You can ask as many questions as you want during that lesson.
  • What training program should I choose?
    We offer a FREE assessment! The K9 Training Director will evaluate your dog and help you choose the best training program for your dog.
  • How long does the training consist of?
    Good Question! Ultimately, it all depends on you and your dog. However, most owners find that if they work with their dogs at least 20 minutes, 2 times a day, they will see results. Remebering that the training consists of 3 team players-you, your dog and the trainer will lead you to success. YOU control 2/3 of the team.
  • Is my dog too old/young to be trained?
    Of course not! All dogs are trainable.
  • Do you speak Spanish?
    Yes. We have trainers and staff members that speak English and Spanish.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Yes. We only work with appointments.
  • How can I make an appointment?
    You can call/text 956-383-5982 or email us to
  • What services do you offer?
    -Dog Training (Obedience Training, Protection Training, Service/Emotional Support/Therapy Dog Training, Nose Work, Working Dogs) -Boarding -Daycare
  • Am I going to get an update/or someone is going to answer my calls after business hours?
    We will give calls back as soon as we reopen. We have staff members all year, including holidays. Also, someone is always on site. However, the front office has scheduled business hours.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Apple Pay, & Samsung Pay.
  • Do you have a convenience fee?
    Only for card payments.
  • Do you have payment plans?
    Only for the board and train program.
  • Can I pay over the phone?
    Yes, you can.
  • When can I make a payment?
    The office is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 12:00pm & from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. On Saturdays from 9:00am to 12pm. Sundays we are closed.
  • Can I pay at pick-up or after my lesson?
    No. All payments must be made BEFORE the service is performed.
  • What vaccines does my dog needs to be able to go to the facility?
    Rabies, bordetella, and distemper. They must be up-to-date.
  • My dog doesn't have the bordetella, can I take him?"
    Nope! We work with tons of dogs in our daily basis and our main priority is to keep all dogs safe.
  • My dog got his vaccines in Mexico, do you accept them?"
    Not the rabies vaccine. Rabies vaccine must be administered in the USA.
  • My dog is coughing, but he had his bordetella shot. Can I take him?"
    No! Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of all dogs. If your dog is coughing, take him to the vet.


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