The Canines in Action Academy Trainers work hard to continue learning and continue to excel with their personal goals in order to improve their skills professionally as well.

These fellow dogs are part of the Canines in Action Academy family and will continue building a legacy for themselves and for the company through their talent and perseverance. They continue to endure in new challenges for them to conquer alongside of their trainers. Canines in Action Academy is honored to have these hard working dogs as a part of the team alongside of their handlers. 


I love hugs and kisses.


I love hugs and kisses.


Monty is a  year old Belgian Malinois Shepard. He was Britt's first dog, she was able to raise him. Monty has made the path that led Brittany to become the trainer she is today. Monty is known for his competitive Obedience and Protection Training and is working on scent detection and dock diving. 


Sassy is a 4-year-old English Bulldog that lives up to her name. She is vivacious spirit who loves the spotlight! Sassy continues to be an ambassador for her breed while competing in dog sports that are not known to be likely for a bulldog. On her off time, Sassy enjoys sunbathing and eating fresh watermelon. 


Kenny is a certified Explosive Detection dog for the CIA Academy. On his off season, Kenny enjoys his time by competing in Dock Diving. This natural retriever loves any toy ball and belly rubs! He is currently in training to take on the role of a Demo dog to educate the community. 


I love hugs and kisses.